Review: Get Fucked

Get Fucked
(Level Plane)

Wow, clever name for a band.  I’m happy these guys didn’t take a really good name though, cause that would have been one less decent moniker out there for bands that actually make real music.  Yeah, that’s right, I said it: Get Fucked is not real music.  Now, I don’t go for that new age, “everything is music” crap.  Some stuff just sounds so haphazardly misaligned that calling it music is too much of a stretch.

Would you call inaudibly screamed vocals over uneven synth beats music?  Would you call the same beat used in two of the first three songs music?  Would you call schizophrenic guitars that seem to bleed in and out of tune (not to mention louder and quieter, depending on the awful background noise) music?  Would you call complete ignorance of instruments working together to form a cohesive whole music?  Would you consider me to be the sexiest man you have never laid eyes on?