Review: Brand New Sin

Brand New Sin
(Now or Never Records)

It’s weird to get a Rock record.  It seems like nowadays if you’ve got a guitar in your band you’ve got about three options: punk, metal, or country.  I’ve got to tip my hat (or beanie, as the case may be) to anyone with enough balls to make a record that obviously nobody is going to like.  Me included.  Brand New Sin plays a decidedly old sounding form a southern rock, tinged with bluesy bits of riffage.

With their helter-skelter sound and gritty taste, Brand New Sin manage to mangle twelve tracks worth of on this new release, none of which I was able to make it all the way through to the end.  While I could insult you all by throwing in a Skynyrd comparison or even a G ‘n R circa “Appetite for Destruction” reference, but I won’t.  Brand New Sin does little to convince me that Rock has recovered from Nirvana’s death stroke.  Never mind (get the little joke there?) the overwritten choruses and the clumsy guitar work here; I’ll mind them for you.  And no need to thank me for keeping you away from such a decidedly unappealing record; it’s my job.