Review: Boysetsfire “Tomorrow Come Today”

boyalbum 1
“Tomorrow Come Today”
(Wind Up Records)

The wound spring tension of the guitar riff that pops the opener “Eviction Article” sets the pace for this entire release.  Nathan Gray’s vocals have risen a notch or two.  In addition to the hardcore bark, there is this taunt voice he uses for certain accents and passages.  It really sets some much needed variety to the vocals.  Generally, this is hardcore with a higher sense of melody so it isn’t so meatheaded as hardcore generally tends to be.  Aggression is tempered with tension, making the staple hardcore breakdowns all that more broken down.

The sway and pull of the guitars and tempos of the verses in “Last Years Nest” spice up a chorus that is as radio friendly as Boysetsfire has even been.  The final scream of “Release the Dogs” in the track of the same name is un-fucking-holy (the track rages against post 9-11 militarism).  “Tomorrow Come Today” is such a great middle ground between hard rock and hardcore. A leaning toward a more accessible sound here (read:  melodic) might turn off some of the more old-school ‘core fans, but this is an accomplished album undeniable.  This release should up their career noticeably and I bet you hear more about Boysetsfire in the coming months.