Review: Boomkat

(DreamWorks Records)

When I hear “boom” I think explosion, and when it comes to mainstream music there is a mixed orchestra of “booms” that make one run and hide for cover and  “booms’ that make one turn around to find out what just made that noise.  Taryn and Kellin Manning (sister/brother) duo fall somewhere in the middle.  This album ina confusing copmpilation (in-sorts) of pop, rock, 80’s, and “yeah, let’s throw some hip- hop in there,” so we have an album that is headed straight for TRL.

Regardless of the cheesy samples, the passion and dedication is heard more in the creative and innovative beats than in the lyrics.  But, right, I forgot we were talking about mainstream music.  Track  #9 “Crazylove” is catchy if you cut out the intro, which consist of her talking with a strange accent (its all about the image…don’t forget, mainstream) and #10, “Look at all the people” has a drum and bass beat worth recognizing.  Overall, after listening to whiny-bluesy-too produced lyrics and some good beats, which didn’t seem to flatter the former things stated.

My biggest question of mainstream music was reinforced… what happened to putting soulful music back on the charts? Oh yea charts aren’t made for soulful music…they haven’t figured out to graph souls cause they can’t be bought…or can they?