Review: Books Lie

Books Lie
“Hall of Fame of Fire”
(Level Plane)

Brooklyn quartet, Books Lie, offer up a special treat on this 18 track release.  The first 8 tracks are new cuts. The rest of the album is a collection of singles, compilation tracks, and b-sides from previously released 7″s in case you missed them the first time around. The booklet has lyrics,  pictures and some flyers of old shows. Fans of Born Against and Antioch Arrow will be pleased with their abrasive yet catchy brand of hardcore punk.

The music is intermingled with politics and a cynical sense of humor.  Four of the tracks are electronic interludes that are long enough to be interesting, but short enough not to be annoying. They’ve all got their masters degrees and they dedicated the album to Matt Davis, Johnny Cash, and Wesley Willis, “three men too cool for this school.” It’s a smart, catchy-not-poppy new twist on the old shit that you already love.