Review: Bongzilla

(Relapse Records)

With a name like Bongzilla there is little chance of a misconception. Any idiot can easily see that this is stoner rock even before you pop this little piece of THC into your disc player. Now I don’t know if it’s just me or if the weed is still clouding my brain but I’m just not sure what to think of this disc. One part of me loves the Sabbath like guitars drenched in feedback, mixed with slow grooves that are the staple of Bongzilla’s sound. These guys go into some heavy spaced out jams ala Sabbath and at times remind me of Fu Manchu or even COC. This is what Bongzilla does best and they do it with conviction and precision.

The other half of me is annoyed at the fact that the band pummels the same riff into the ground with each song. Take for instance the song ‘666lb Bongsession’ where the band endlessly plays the same riff for almost 8 minutes! Tracks like ‘Greenthumb’ and ‘Keefmaster’ have awesome riffs that drive the song but the problem is they don’t go anywhere! Sure “Gateway” is a great album for those who are heavily into the stoner rock scene or early Black Sabbath but for the average listener the album isn’t recommended for repeated listening. If you’re a stoner looking to for music to get high to then by all means smoke this up, otherwise pass on the Bonzilla.