Review: Bombshell Rocks

Bombshell Rocks
“From Here and On”
(Burning Heart)

I don’t know if they were trying to make some sort of statement or not, but the jacket liner looks EXACTLY like Pearl Jam’s “Ten”.  Seriously, same font for the lyrics and everything.  Plus, the whole thing folds out into a poster, just like “Ten” did.  Bizarre.  Bombshell Rocks, however, sound nothing like Pearl Jam.  Bombshell Rocks sound a lot more like Rancid and The Bouncing Souls than anything else.  Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a good thing.  Driving, high-energy rhythms and sing-a-long choruses mark their territory like a cocker spaniel puppy on your sock drawer throughout this thirteen-track effort.  Like label mates Millencolin, Bombshell Rocks are from Scandinavia (does it really matter which country?  Aren’t they all pretty much the same?), and while the vocals are unaccented and admittedly better than 90% of the bands here in America, there is a decided leaning towards feel-good songwriting, which sometimes grows a bit tiresome.  The title track repeats the cheeseball line, “From here we can only go forward / You and me, we keep the dream alive” way more times than the song warrants.  Still though, this record hits more than it misses, so check it out.