Review: Betty Blowtorch

Betty Blowtorch
“Last Call”
(Foodchain Records)

While this is nominally a Betty Blowtorch album it really is a celebration of bassist vocalist Bianca Butthole through rarities and live recordings made with Betty Blowtorch and Butt Trumpet. (Bianca passed away in a December 2001 car crash.) This is an incredible compilation of great rock tunes from her history, certainly not anything thrown together for a memorial.

Collectors should take note that the Betty Blowtorch Get Off EP (1999) produced by Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) is heavily sampled here. This was a band that exuded power and rock-n-roll attitude live and the extra helping of live tracks is a bonus here, as well as the obscure demos and more. The full-color 16-page booklet has complete personnel listings and an overview of Bianca’s career.