Review: Beer: The Movie

Various Artists
“Beer: The Movie”
(Triple Crown)

I’ve never seen “Beer: The Movie”, even though there is a preview for the flick on his CD, but if the movie is anywhere near as good as the soundtrack, it’s sure to be a hit.

Orange Island kicks the album off with “Stand Up, State Your Name”, which rips in a punk without pretexts sort of way.

Northstar, featured in this very mag, tear through “To My Better Angel”, a driving rock piece replete with plenty of harmonies.

Brand New, who now have a video on MTV, kill “Flying at Tree Level (version 1.0)”, an unreleased emo-punk gem.

Moneen, and their stop-start manner, is next with “Passing of America”, a thoughtful, post-punk piece that defies you to ignore the lyrics.

“Probably” by Kevin Devine is one of the better sounding acoustic songs I’ve heard in a long, long time.  At just about 2:00, it’s as soft and sweet as anything you’d like to write to that girl sitting across from you in traffic but you’re too pathetic to come up with anything at all so you just sit and sweat.

Taking Back Sunday’s demo of “Your Own Disaster” is totally killer and shouldn’t be missed.

Hot Rod Circuit and Allister also serve up gemmies.

There are also three hip-hop tracks on the LP, all of which will make you nod your head like you’re driving on train tracks.

Peep the movie, if you get a chance; steal the soundtrack fo’ shizzle.