Review: Black Label Society

Black Label Society
“The Blessed Hellride”
(Spitfire Records)

Zakk Wylde is back with another 11 tracks of beer guzzling, venomous filth for you to enjoy. If you weren’t a fan of what Zakk and BLS had done on previous efforts then there isn’t a chance of you liking this one either. Songs like ‘Stoned and Drunk’, ‘Destruction Overdrive’ and ‘Doomsday Jesus” are filled with heavy guitar riffs that will blister your eardrums.

The albums high point comes when Ozzy guests with Zakk on ‘Stillborn’ and manages to offer a glimpse of the potential that BLS has to offer. The most notable progression on this release comes from ‘Funeral Bell’ where Zakk flirts with acoustic genius.  On past releases Zakk was experimented with acoustic songs and the results are always some of his best material. I just wish he would experiment a bit more with his heavier material.