Review: Awkward Thought

Awkward Thought
“Ruin a Good Time”
(Thorp Records)

Up-tempo hardcore in a metal vein, cut open and pumping sticky little ditties all over the walls.  Guitars solo, back up singers go “whoah-oh-whoah-oh,” and lyrics say things like “Rise up.”  It’s perfect for those who like that sort of thing and yous all knows who yous is, eh?  The lyrics are politically as wrong as Republican politics (Awkward Thought also likes to blame liberals) and there seems to be some innate xenophobia rising up in lines such as “a melting pot diversified that means we lead in all hate crimes” and “illegal immigrants and crime to us it’s just an old pastime.”  The implication is that without the “melting pot” of different races, philosophies, religions and creeds we’d be better off and saved from “hate crimes.”  It’s a pleasantly naïve way to think at best.

I also enjoy the juxtaposition of “illegal immigrants” right alongside the word “crime.”  I guarantee you that crime and illegal immigration does go hand in hand but the crimes are typically against the illegal immigrants and not committed by them (except, of course, the crime of crossing a fictional border without permission).  But on the other hand, they’re against the drug war and do see the majority of conflict in the world in terms of class so they’re not all wrong.