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Avoid One Thing are all about the melodic punk rock anthems with a knack for constructing punchy songs with great sing-along choruses. Assembled by bassist/singer Joe Gittleman, a founding member of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, this band has influences from all types of music throughout the album’s 14 cuts. Gittleman carries the group with his accessible voice and ability to hook the listener in with lyrics from the heart that win you over. This album is one of those records that covers a little bit of everything as the songs will satisfy fans of the So-Cal punk sound, poppy-punkers, emo kids and even old school punks who hate everything. ‘All That You’ve Heard’ sounds like a Rancid track, but not a direct rip off as it still manages to breathe own it’s own. The female vocals utilized on songs like ‘Next Stop is the Last Stop’ and ‘All That You’ve Heard’ add diversity to the song writing and more importantly help make the music more interesting. Avoid One Thing definitely deserves some recognition for this release as it’s solid from start to finish, which is something that most releases right now are not.

James Wright