Review: A Perfect Murder “Unbroken”


A Perfect Murder

(Victory Records) 

Hardcore with that metallic punch. Hatebreed hardcore if you will. The singer has a more aggressive bark and the guitars hit an almost thrash metal speed at times. But the hardcore chuggachugga and stark breakdowns bring this all back into the core pit territory. When A Perfect Murder slows things down to a sludgy crawl, the bass rumbles through with more clarity and the unit strikes with a more forceful impact. When the music speeds up, it’s just good hardcore with the metal influence. Lots of that around nowadays. A Perfect Murder make a good dent in the genre by taking the roots of hardcore and bringing in the thrash guitar, the aforementioned sluggish drawn out punch and the slick guitar break (and even the occasional more rock influenced solo). Then dose it with plenty of those pit swirling breakdowns where the whole song pulls itself into one big riff and just pounds through the listener. File as another of those bands that doesn’t really bring that much new to the hardcore table, but what they do bring is well done and worth a listen.