Review: Audio Learning Center

Audio Learning Center
“Cope Park”

This album could be the textbook example in an actual audio learning center. Lets say Audioslave decided to admit defeat and go back to school for some much needed musical advice. The three boys of Audio Learning Center could give them the advice they need and help them move on. “Cope Park” is the textbook and Christopher, Steve and Paul are the teachers. “Cope Park” has such a thick sound I thought it was going to get stuck coming out of the speakers.

Everything is engulfing, which is just how it should be. I don’t really want to call these guys indie rock because there is so much more going on under them, but the genre you’ll find them under in the local record shop is indie. Flecks of Fugazi, No Knife, Wilco and even Built to Spill can be heard throughout the album. Coming off their great debut, Audio Learning Center had to do something to stay fresh. Instead of staying with their original producer and studio, Christopher pulled everything into his home studio wanting everything to sound “big and thick.” He definitely accomplished it, turning out an album that does their live shows justice, but is the perfect introduction to new fans.

Call them indie, call them rock, call them the textbook example of a great album and then call Audioslave and tell them to quit letting radio stations play their music until they have taken How Not to Suck 101 by Prof. Audio Learning Center.