Review: Atticus Fault

Atticus Fault
(Universal Records)

Atticus Fault is a quartet out of Nashville that specializes in (but isn’t limited to) airy yet emotional guitar pop.  Tracks like the Blur-inspired, dance-flavored “She’s A Vision” show that they’re not afraid to take the occasional detour, and their debut album is better off for it.  The single “My First Trip to Mars” is a whimsical number that’s pretty groovy, and really raised hopes for the rest of the album.  Alas, I started to lose interest as the album began to explore more overtly Christian themes on songs like “Mary Mother” and “Silver Stars.”  On the other hand, overtly Christian doesn’t seem to be stopping Creed from filling arenas all across our fair nation, so maybe I’m just hopelessly square and the problem is on my end, not Atticus Fault’s.