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AN AUTOMOTIVE – interview by tom maxwell



You probably have at least heard of Joan of Ark, right? Maybe have a copy of “How Memory Works” floating around? Their bassist, Erik Bocek, hooked up with Frank Hryniewicz, who I’m sure has been in other bands but is most known for Sidekick Kato. So they formed An Automotive, a unually mellow, always eccentric, quirky jazzy act off of Sixgunlover. Hardcore fans of the genre will pick up a record and exclaim “well yeah but Cap N Jaz does it better” and to those I say no! An Automotive comes from a totally different approach. With more questions, I searched for answers from Erik.

Erik, how was An Automotive started?
I had just been fired from Joan of Arc and my friend Frankie had just moved back fromBoston after graduating from school. We were itchen to play so we worked on various arrangements while bringing in other people to play who turned out to be really lazy and terrible. So, we said “Fuck ’em”, alas the lineup you have before you.

I see. Is there an active decision to not include vocals in some of the tracks? Are vocals an afterthought?
Both Frank and I had a bad case of laryngitis during the recording sessions so we asked our Hungarian friend to attach his poetry and vocal work to some tracks. After listening, digressing and listening again to his work, we decided to re-record them. He was pissed – but we couldnt have some weird Hungarian shit on our work…it just wasnt right.

Where did “Ballad of Julee Cruise” influence come from?
Silly, I know, but we all grew up listening to Ennio Morricone because our parents were infatuated with Clint Eastwood. We really had to rework that song over and over cause it just wasnt sounding right. The label (Sixgunlover) actually flew in a few belly dancers to lay down some tambourine tracks, i still cant believe they were so into that. they didnt even mind the airfare.

Sup with Frank? He seems pretty particular to guitar.
Frank is a weirdo, man. He does nothing but play his guitar all the time. On his time off he flys out to Northern Washington to teach jazz guitar to troubled teens.

He went to school for music, yeah?
I think he honed his skills at school. I know he met hot chicks there too…yeah, I’m sure it was worth it.

Do you recommend schooling for musicians?

Favorite bands that are slightly embarrassing to listen to?
Peaches…she makes us real horny.

Finally, will An Automotive be touring soon?
This spring we’re looking to hook up with Atropa to do some dates in Berlin. Nothings confirmed but we’re looking forward to the prospect of it. Thanks for the interview!