Review: Atkins Lane “Life in the Fast Lane”

Atkins Lane
“Life in the Fast Lane”
(Techtronic Rocket Society)

I haven’t even listened to the CD yet and I already like Atkins Lane. Included with the disc was a personal letter from vocalist Daniel McLean simply asking to be reviewed. No fancy words or elaborate descriptions. The letter pretty much says “Hi. Here’s our CD. If you want to listen and write something about it feel free. If not, take care. Thanks.” DIY is what makes good indie bands great. Atkins Lane is definitely on the DIY track to greatness.

They have a smooth sound with a great peppering of subtle effects. When things get quiet, a guitar drops some harmonics or McLean whispers. This sound is why old Jimmy Eat World was so good. “Something for Nothing” takes some ideas from Simon and Garfunkel, which is never a bad idea. Even the hardest of the hard-core have to admit that Simon and Garfunkel know what they are doing. Atkins Lane also enjoys making this music, which comes across in their sounds. Everything from their package to the CD emit a fun-loving DIY band with at least as much of a chance at making it as Jimmy Eat World had. I wish I lived on Atkins Lane. Thanks for the CD McLean, hope you enjoyed the writing. Feel free to write again soon. All best.