Review: Aborted

“Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done”
(Olympic recordings)

Extremely heavy and gory grindcore in the grand tradition of Carcass with very pretty solos and scattered harmonics and such, but more straightforward than Carcass in general song structure and vocal approach.  I hear other influences emerging other than just their gore metal predecessors.

For example, take note of the guitar player picking up cues from Vio-lence’s guitar player, circa “Eternal Nightmare”. Aborted are certainly not at the top of the grindcore game, as that position is reserved for the likes of Exhumed and Mortician, however, they do offer cross-over opportunities for fans of straighter, more traditional, death metal.

The band’s sound may be of the fastest and vilest variety, but they can’t be relegated strictly to the grindcore bargain bin.  I’m sure that lyrically they’re quite bloody and medically inclined with such song titles as “Parasitic Flesh Resection” and “Meticulous Invagination”, (I don’t even want to know what the hell that song’s about), but don’t be scared since you can’t understand a word the singer’s saying.  Imagine a horse pissing in a tin bucket full of gravel.

Now imagine that sound coming out of a three packs of smokes a day, sugar-junkies’ rotting pie-hole. Now imagine your safe, special place where nobody can cause you harm or grief.  Now touch yourself all over because you follow instructions so well.