Review: Arrington de Dionyso

Arrington de Dionyso and the Old Time Relijun
“Varieties of Religious Experience”

21 tracks of material by Arrington de Dionysio (aka Old Time Relijun).  The phrase “ole time religion” itself has to have been pulled from Captain Beefheart’s “Moonlight on Vermont” from his infamous and vastly influential album “Trout Mask Replica”, because everything else on here pretty much is.  This isn’t really a bad thing at all.  In my opinion nothing that comes from Beefheart, even if it’s just in the realm of inspiration, can be bad.  Consider U.S.  Maple.  Pure genius.  Tom Waits’ whole post-“Ralph the Dog” career has essentially been one extended Captain Beefheart rip-off and people give Mr. Waits props all the time as if he is “the” quintessential American cult musician.  Who is Captain Beefheart?  Blah, blah, blah.

This is Old Time Relijun and, of course, like Beefheart this stuff isn’t for everybody.  In fact it’s going to drive most people fucking nuts.  But some people are going to be really, really excited.  I, personally, think you should be.  This is a fucked up collection that will fuck you up in the best way.  There’s no other way to explain it.  While we’re at it “The Varieties of Religious Experience” is also a book by early American psychologist William James and it also comes highly recommended.  Freak out, dudes.