Review: A Perfect Murder

A Perfect Murder
“Cease to Suffer”
(Goodfellow Records)

Everybody seems to like emo-core except for real hardcore/metal heads.  You know who you are.  You hate Thrice, you don’t like Taking Back Sunday or Finch.  No, you like Hatebreed.  You love Throwdown, and, if you’d heard them, you’d love A Perfect Murder.  There’s no emo here, just lots and lots of metal.

There are three (3) guitar players, allowing for plenty of Southern-tinged metal that’ll remind you a bit of Pantera, who you also like.  You’ll love the way “Cease to Suffer” has lots about death and stuff, like in “Choke” where Francois Pellerin growls, “Now my hands are crushing your neck” or on “Pushed Too Far” which goes, “I’m crushing you, pushing you/ I’m crushing you, punish you.”

You love that stuff, huh?  Yeah, you know you do.  You want to be brutally pulverized to within an inch of your life and then left breathless, gasping for air and wishing that the drums were louder.  A Perfect Murder has plenty of breakdowns, keeping this release from being filed directly under metal.  If you’re that guy, then this is the one for you.