Review: AntiSeen

“Here To Ruin Your Groove”
(TKO Records)

Do you remember the bar scene in “Peewee’s Big Adventure” when Peewee has to dance a jig to “Tequilla” to avoid certain death at the hands of the infrangible, belligerent bikers?  After deciding to let Peewee go, the bikers started a band, AntiSeen.  They didn’t let Mr. Herman turn them into little wimps though. Songs like, “Self Induced Lobotomy”, “O.D. For Me”, and “Fuck All Ya’ll” prove that.

Sporting confederate flag jackets, a couple of jumbo sized beer bellies, photos of them holding shotguns with bloodied faces, I have to admit they seem a little intimidating.  The tunes are late ’80’s metal, with some occasional punk spasms, and gurgling Lemmyesque (Motorhead) vocals.  Besides the saturated “fuck you” attitude, and the fact that they look like extras from a W.W.F. act, there is isn’t much else that stands out here.