Review: Android Lust

Android Lust
“The Dividing”

Android Lust is a one man band.  And by “man” I mean “woman.”  And by “one” I mean nobody ever does anything truly alone, but with a little help from their friends.  However, Android Lust is Shikee who wrote and recorded all the songs, which are solemn keyboard oriented affairs somewhere between Front 242 and Angelo Badalamenti.  Well, at least the first song was.

The second song is still a keyboard driven affair, but not exactly what anyone would call somber.  The distortion is cranked up, the beat fast and whipping and the finger work on the ivories is frantic.  The third song is more like the first (as are the subsequent ones). The lyrics are actually close to poetry.  And by poetry I don’t mean really crappy poetry, but passable poetry like what’s written by the best poet in a creative writing class for poets.  Typically, that’d be poetry not fit for publication, but at least it shouldn’t turn your stomach and make you vomit childish rhymes and obvious assonance.

Normally, I review metal CDs so this is a nice change of pace for me and that might alter my judgment as I don’t get to hear much music like this and don’t have many markers by which to critique it.  That said, it’s not the best at what it is doing, but it has a soothing, “electronica version of Enya” quality to it that makes me feel content to give it my lowest rating ever: seven thumbs up. Screw Flanders.