Review: All State Champion

All State Champion
“Is It Nothing To You”
(Five One Inc.)

These four are the postest of the post-hardcore genre.  They have embraced the DIY ethic that post-hardcore bands are known for.  They have had every door possible slammed in their face, but still played sold out shows.  It is the best example of the public vs. the man. The public always knows what is right. The cathartic material is reminiscent of post-hardcore trailblazers like Jawbox, HUM, Fugazi, Minor Threat and even Albini’s Big Black.

All State Champion has worked hard to become Canada’s indie darlings and they are now releasing a full onslaught on the U.S. Unlike mad cow, the infecting sound of ASC is something you want to catch (and come on, we all know that cow came from Washington).  The frustration coming through the call-and-response vocals builds on the tension created by double guitars.  The drums keep an airtight foundation under the constant drive of the built-up release pouring from these Canadians.

The variations between crooning and screaming, crunching and swinging, driving and walking give ASC a fresh feel every time the LP repeats.  Canada is known for its lower drinking age, great exchange rate and majestic ski hills, but not since Bryan Adams have our neighbors from the north rocked this hard.

The postest of the post baby.  The postest of the post.