Review: A Life Once Lost

A Life Once Lost
“The Fourth Plague: Flies”
(Robodog Records)

The first sounds out of this CD will change you forever.  Leaping from the stereo at about 500 Mph are the five loudest and fastest tracks you will ever hear.  A Life Once Lost consists of five extremely talented musicians from the heart of Philadelphia who take hardcore to a unique new level.  Remember all that 80’s heavy metal shit which had killer guitars but lame music?  Well, A Life Once Lost takes those guitar licks and puts them to hardcore music.  Pure genius.  The opening cut, “Chileab”, kicks into a massacre of epic proportions with incredibly tight licks done by all.  The vocalist, utilizing the typical screaming type lyrics, helps to create the edgy sound the group invents.  Slam into the next track, “Our Second Home”, with its painfully fast guitar lines which showcase guitarists Bob Carpenter and Doug Sabolick (I don’t know how they can play these lines without losing a finger).  The specially priced slaughter continues on for three more songs, each as equally enjoyable as the first.  You have to visit for the bands website which includes a MP3 off of this album “The Fourth Plague: Flies”, bios and tour dates (usually east coast venues.  Don’t let the CD title mislead you; this CD nor this group is a plague.  A Life Once Lost is the cure for boredom.