Review: Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique

Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique
(Battle Axe Records)

Don’t let the rather frightening, revolt-inspiring album art deter you, as this Abstract Rude and Tribe Unique record is a bluesy, island-tinged, low-key listen. The burnished flow of “Stand and Deliver” will have you all mellowed out and pensive and shit like that. “Cooling” bops along sunnily on a snare-laced track, with Ab and crew soaking up sunshine and good times. These Battle-Axe veterans have been putting it down on wax for a minute now, and the their motor-mouth lyric-spitting skills and tight wordplay are showcased on “Showtyme is Now.”

Not revolutionary in scope, but far from garbage, the dudes flow as if they don’t really care whether you want to listen or not. There is a timeless feel permeating the joint, as ARTU don’t buy into the trends and hype, keeping it simple and maintaining their consciousness over casual beats that buoy and enhance the crew’s message.