Review: The ’89 Cubs

The ’89 Cubs
“There Are Giants in the Earth”

This Omaha trio is composed of former members of other indie/emo bands. The drummer is from Conor Oberst’s side project band Los Desparecidos and the guitarist is from The Good Life. But this emo effort seems determined to escalate at least somewhat above the fame of their previous bands. The first indication is when lead singer David Brennan croons, “We’ll make history” over and over in the track, “Oh, the things we put in our heads.” But rarely does the band launch into a song without a minute-long or so interlude of guitars and instrumentation. So, they’re definitely not for short attention spans or those who don’t appreciate a soundtrack to, like the cover of the record suggests, a grey day amongst abandoned buildings and deserted urban sprawl. Pop in this CD, have a cigarette and a microwaveable meal alone in your runned-down apartment. The ’89 Cubs are the repeat soundtrack for the emotional rollercoaster of the turbulent 20’s.