Review: 5ive’s Continuum Research Project

5ive’s Continuum Research Project
“The Hemophiliac Dream”
(Tortuga Recordings)

I read a book called Snow Crash a while ago.  It’s some kind of cyber-punk sort of thing.  It was pretty interesting.  One of the characters was named Da5id and I never knew how to pronounce his name.  I don’t know how to pronounce these guys’ name either.  Luckily, I don’t have to pronounce anything, I just have to listen.  “The Hemophiliac Dream” is one of the more interesting records I’ve heard in a while.  Consisting of only two instrumental songs, “Part I” and “Part II: The Remix”, 5ive’s CRP certainly has a penchant for the off-beat.

Speaking of off-beat, the two tracks clock in at about twenty-five and thirteen minutes respectively.  Both begin with an ominous silence that eventually gives way to a claustrophobia inducing single note that rings for a minute with minimal background noise.  Then, complete industrial-goth mayhem.  The crunching notes and synthesized chords create an impenetrable wall of tortured noise that would surely appeal to some film student looking for a soundtrack to his (or her) gritty, black and white low budget film.  Outside of that slim portion of the population, I don’t see a bunch of you out there falling all over each other to pick this thing up.