Review: Cadaver Inc.

Cadaver Inc.

1-866-Bodybag, “fast, affordable, murder scene clean-up and corpse removal.”  With as much shtick as Cadaver Inc. brings between their cover and their website (, very amusing body disposal service) the music had better be good, and all I have to say is “FUCK!” This is a rare band today, cream of the crop of technical post-death insanely fast metal.  Relentlessly pounding your head on the concrete until you face is completely bloodied.  Tight, technical, and faster then just about anything I’ve heard in awhile. Fans of extreme metal in the vain of Cryptosy, will jizz them selves over Cadaver Inc. Although sometimes a little slower, a kind of grove orientated, when they explode into full throttle blast beats all you can do is sit back and be blown away.  Never anything less then excellent, and always brutal and menacing, “Discipline” is a masterwork that demands you take notice.  This is definitely a group to watch out for, if not for their blistering speed and undaunting power, then because the PMRC is going to shit a brick when they see the website.  What ever you are doing right now does not matter, go out and get Cadaver Inc. by any means necessary; you’ll thank me later.  If you have a body or witnesses to “dispose of,” this is the band for you!