Review: BreakDown

““Battle Hymns For An Angry Planet””
(Chord Recordings)

With a name like Breakdown, you pretty much already have a good idea of what kind of style they are going for.  That’s right kids, it’s more New York hardcore!  Right when you push play the macho, women hating,  life-sucks-and-the-whole-world-is-going-to-shit New York hardcore attitude comes blasting through your speakers.  You begin to picture at least 5 shaved head guys who could kick your little emo ass for reviewing their CD as generic, boring, and done millions of painful times before.  If you are into the old stuff and are not too much of a fan of original, interesting and complex music, put on your wife beater, your jeans, and your steel toe boots and get to the record store and buy this now.  If not, go buy some Burnt By The Sun, John Zorn, and Pig Destroyer, it should set you up nicely for an evening with the family. Sorry tough guys, lay off the steroids and the Sick Of It All records and go get in touch with your feminine side.  Please stop making albums.