Review: Revolution on Canvas

Revolution on Canvas
“Poetry From the Indie Music Scene”
(Ad Astra Books)

Taking Back Sunday, NOFX, Strung Out, Finch, From Autumn to Ashes; at some point we’ve all been exposed to their music in one way or another.  Now, take a look at another side of those artists with this wonderful book of poetry and art.  The poetry of Dan Arnold (Static Lullaby) reminds us all of our common love, Jason Cruz (Strung Out) showcases some of his most empowering painting/artwork, while Mike Burkett (NOFX) utilizes his pen to voice his opinion about the current state of affairs.

This book is a great concept to promote literacy and a great medium outside of music for artists to expose their creative juices.  Right now there are a vast number of people who read at an elementary school level.  Obviously you can read or you wouldn’t be reading this magazine, let’s try and help someone who can’t read by supporting cool books like this.  With half of the proceeds from this book going to the National Center for Family Literacy how could you not want to support this book by buying a copy?