Review: Blood For Blood

Blood For Blood
““Wasted Youth Brew””
(Victory Records)

Wear your steel-toed boots and you better be pissed off if you want to listen to Blood for Blood. These Victory veterans really got some anger and energy for you hardcore/metal fans. Let me be the first to take the crown off of Slim Shady’s head as the meanest artist and put it onto Blood For Blood’s head. They bring fast hardcore together with Metal and beer drinking punk rock. They speak to you through loud, growling vocals, meaty guitar rhythms and a lot of cursin’. Imagining myself at a Blood For Blood show I find myself at a crossroads. Normally I rush the pit as fast as the next guy, but I might think twice at a Blood For Blood show. Of course I would go, but for some of you feint at heart it might be a little too gnarly for you. This cd offers a good mix of infectious originals as well as covers by the Wretched Ones, Slapshot, and the Deadboys. They’ve been playing old-school, punkcore-metal for more than 6 years and have toured nationally with Dropkick Murphys, Anti-Flag, Bruisers, Fear, Agnostic Front, and others where some of these tracks were recorded. Check out the new cd, Wasted Youth Brew, out in stores now.