Review: Godhead

““2000 Years of Human Error””
(Posthuman / Priority Records)

An album as cool as its title.  Dark, club industrial with enough pop sensibility to appeal to listeners who don’t smear white face paint across their bodies.  Keeping in mind Posthuman is Marilyn Manson’s label, obvious NIN and Gary Neuman starting points might have been relevant comparisons to past Godhead, but they’’ve swallowed their own sick enough to twist their sound into this sassy mood of blended electronic beat, distorted rock guitars and breakdowns that crawl along like a midget crack whore begging for some trade.  Yes, a midget crack whore desperate to please and smear her un-bathed greasy little body against yours just to ride that rush one more time.  The yearning to deliver just to please a sick want, that’s the Godhead tip.  Sexual innuendo drips through most lyrics and runs down the midget’s leg like the Pavlovian ring that signals the fix is soon to come.   But not yet.  The nature to tease is also a Godhead mark.  Keeping the tempos slow and pulled back, on the edge of a crash, on the edge of cumming, for the crash can be a release.  Can’t it?  The crash can signal the end.  Or just allow the next rise to become visible.  Godhead songs are allowed to ride these swells.  Which explains why Godhead excels at not sounding used, while retaining a sound some might dismiss as worn.  Like a midget crack whore.  But those fools wouldn’’t get such a cheap orgasm anywhere else.  (And Howard Stern agrees, Godhead’s cover of the Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby” is truly too cool for you.)