Review: American Nightmare

American Nightmare
““Background Music””
(Equal Vision)

I picked this one up right when I saw the Equal Vision monolith engraved on the back.  With visions of Converge spinning through my head like a little metalcore 10 year old at Christmas I eagerly slammed the CD in and pushed play.  Not exactly what I expected from what I had heard about them, but I wasn’t disappointed either.  Not quite as technical or intense as Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan and such of their metalcore brethren, but very cool in it’s own right nonetheless.  Great East Coast hardcore stuff, nothing all too original, but if you are looking for something to dance to I would suggest it highly.  Fans of any of the Trustkill bands should really dig this, if you are into that I would highly recommend this CD.  Either way, get off your ass and support it.  See them live as well, let me know how it was because rumor has it that they are really intense.