Interview: Comeback Kid

COMEBACK KID – interview by Brian Greenaway


The Surgeon General estimates that there is one hardcore band for every 3.2 US citizens. By my math that works out to roughly ten bagallion hardcore bands operating in America at any given time. So what makes Comeback Kid so special you ask? Well, for one they’re from Canada, so you can’t count them as part of the equation. For another, they freaking rock without sounding like a bunch of paint-by-the-numbers-I’m-so-pissed-off-grrrr-arrrghh-grrr-bands. And if that’s not enough for you, here’s five more reasons why you should like them, or at least a chance to hone your reading skills, you illiterate jackass. Singer Scott Wade provides the answers.

Can you really be hardcore and be from Winnipeg? Isn’t Canada such a utopia that there’s nothing to be angry about?
Scott Wade: II suppose so… that and were not really that angry. Actually in Winnipeg’s credibility defense, it’s the murder capital of Canada, so I guess we got that “hardcore” edge you’re looking for.

What does Comeback Kid like more, harmonies or breakdowns?

What’s “Operative Word” about?
Being able to see when you’re wrong, and owning up to it, and being able to apologize. Just about passing judgment on others or not giving someone the chance.

Who wins in a fight between Bane and Bananarama?

What really stokes Comeback Kid out?
In and Out burgers… we do back flips for that stuff. No doubt. ANIMAL STYLE. (if they ever get it working)