The societal sting of artist Pawel Kuczynski

This happy chappy is Pawel Kuczynksi.

His origin story begins in Szczecin, the capital and largest city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland.

Szczecin…. (‘gesundheit’)

He is an surrealist with a satire laced execution. Much of his art is commentary on social, economic, and political issues.

Pawel is a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. He began drawing satirical illustrations back in 2004, and so far has been rewarded with over 100 prizes and distinctions. In 2005, Pawel Kuszynski received “Eryk” award from Association of Polish Cartoonists for getting a record number of awards in international competitions.

His art pushes different buttons in different people. That’s what good art does. It evokes an emotion and pushes a thought, sometimes, to awkward and uncomfortable places we aren’t aware enough to confront ourselves.

Pawel gives that little nudge that starts the itch that breeds the thought.





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