Slip Cup makes Beer-Pong MUCH less disgusting


This is the Slip Cup.

Obviously invented by some brilliant beer drinkers that got sick of swilling beer polluted with whatever a wet ping-pong ball collects as it plays Katamari Damacy with every germ it rolls over.

Which is exactly why I don’t play this game. That… and alcohol makes me think I am a lot funnier than I really am. A LOT funnier.

Welcome Slip Cups, for not only for the germaphobes, but also for those that would rather not drink little bits of whatever you haven’t wiped off the floor of the room that typically houses the ping-pong table.

The Slip Cups will be numbered, with little flaps that help catch the ball (if one feels that violates some ‘bounce out’ rule, they would be easy enough to remove).

slippic2 slippic3

Honestly, it wouldn’t take a whole lot of ingenuity to MacGyver something together that would serve this exact purpose… but if you feel like throwing a few bucks at some folks who had the good idea in the first place… that’d be awfully American of ya…

Here is an informative video that should answer all of your urgent Slip Cup questions.