Marion Bolognesi Watercolors

This is New York based artist Marion Bolognesi.


By day she focuses her creativity into her job as a high-end fashion accessory and handbag designer for Calvin Klein.

In her off time, she creates stunning watercolor pieces that capture the human element with a direct, yet subtle approach. Watercolors are regarded as one of the more difficult mediums to work within, and anyone who has waded through an art major will tell you, capturing the human face in any believable fashion is one of the most challenging tasks. Bolognesi not only handles both her palette of color choice with the loose, flowing properties of watercolors, she also manages to breath life-like qualities into minimal areas of the human face… but yet, the most expressive… the eyes.

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Her art can be so inspiring and beautiful, others are moved to ink Marion Bolognesi work on their body.




She has also collaborated with other artists resulting in remarkably unique pieces.

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This is NOT a Marion Bolognesi. But your eyes want to see it none the less…

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