Felicia Day models 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor


This is the Dreamer Regalia Armor created by artist Melissa Ng.

She is known for designing intricately ornate 3D printed masks.


She is also a big fan of Felecia Day, internet phenom and star of the most excellent nerd-tastic web series, “The Guild”.

Felicia Day as “Codex”… making gamer nerds feel all fuzzy inside since 2007.

With the help of specialty 3d printing company Shapeways, the artist created the stunning Dreamer Regalia Armor specifically for Felicia Day.

The artist has spoken openly about the influence the internet star has had upon her life. In a recent interview with Geek & Sundry, Melissa stated, “I guess the reality of what makes me feel better is realizing that all of us have the same feeling of feeling like shit. And when I realized that, then what difference does it make if I [create]? If we’re all feeling this same awful thing- and I think writing it, responses to those articles confirmed it. Which made creating even less hard, because people would e-mail me and say they still felt the negative things I would say to myself. I would wake up every day still thinking I am garbage. Even though outwardly people think I’m so peppy. And I am, it’s not a face I put on. I believe I am mostly cheerful. But when I’m alone, I just think everything I do is a joke, and I think that’s why I really loved Felicia’s memoir, [“You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)”], when she would have those moments. But she would maintain her morals, and her sense of community, and in the end stay true to what made her happy.”

The end results of her labor and passion are breath-taking…

armorbow armorcompass armorfeature armorgoblet


Here is Season 1 of The Guild. If you claim ‘nerd’ on any level, have at any point played D&D, or know the draw of World of Warcraft… you will love this.