Carving art into pencil tips


This is a pencil carving by artist Salavat Fidai.

The 42 year old Russian gets a ridiculous amount of detail into such tiny sculptures.



“The idea of painting or sculpture is born late at night, on the border of dream and reality. During the day I am looking online for photos and video material, then I make sketches or layouts. When I work with oil on canvas – i have an explosion of emotion, expression and peak inspiration. If I write acrylic on seeds – its hard work, it’s the study of Van Gogh. When I carve sculptures from pencils – its a meditation and a high concentration as a sapper.
It takes from 5-6 hours for simple item to 2-3 days for complex sculptures.” – Salavat Fidai


He does sell his sculptures on Etsy. Most pieces run about $99.


The artist also experiments in areas of drawing, painting, and photography in addition to his sculpture.


You can check out more art from Salavat Fidai at his Instagram profile…

Artist Salavat Fidai
Artist Salavat Fidai