Call of Duty: New Battle Royale is coming… and it’s FREE!


I’m assuming I don’t have to explain to you what Call of Duty is and the impact it has had on gaming culture. So we’ll just assume you understand that the most recent game in this franchise (Modern Warfare) topped $600 million in sales.

In the first three days.


Ok, now we get it. I’ve played every call of duty except this latest one, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. The lack of a battle royale mode was the deal-breaker. Many of my gamer friends passed on this as well. I’m sure it’s great. I’m sure the meatgrider of running in circles still frustrates and thrills like all the other ones have. But seriously. that battle royale mode (also used in a little known game Fortnite) is a brilliant concept that blew a breath of fresh air into the long stale genre.

The previous game in the series, Black Ops IV, featured the first time Call of Duty attempted to adapt their typically smaller map formula into an open world battlefield. And they succeeded. It was tight, updated maps, gave away character swag… fun was had by many.

CODdropping in

Not only is Infinity Ward dropping a battle royale mode, they are doing it for FREE. And… cross platform play! So Xbox and Playstation can now enjoy shooting at each other whereas previously, you were limited to players that had the same console as you.

Known Facts:
– The new mode is called ‘Warzone’ and features 150 players at once.
– You drop in equipped with a pistol.
– Perks are earned by finding cash in game (NOT micro-transaction) that can be used at ‘buy stations’. There is a way to manage your money as well.
– Will include trucks, tanks, and other ground transportation
– “Gulag” mode for a second chance to come back into the match by going 1vs1 against another player hoping to get a respawn.
– Will feature cross play between consoles and PC.


So pull your sqaud out of retirement and drop in, loot, and survive this newest battle royale adventure.