40 lines of Tetris in less than 19 seconds


This is Tetris.

It is basic simple and stupid fun.

You’ve probably played it.

A variation is called, ‘Linerace’ (also known as a ‘sprint’) where the player is challenged to clear 40 lines as fast as they can.

YouTube user keroco is one of the best in the world.

Watch keroco break the 19 second barrier in this not-sped-up video of the amazing video game feat.

kereco has a YouTube channel that chronicles the progressively faster attempts that has resulted in this insane time.

A lot of people take video games seriously… and for every game, there is a sub-set of lunatics that become obsessed with one particular game and strive to become the best in the world.

Here is another Tetris Grandmaster Eli Markstrom. Watch his quest to become the dominant Tetris player in the world.

Feel like playing a few rounds of Tetris yourself… here is a free online flash version…

(TETRIS is not to be confused with TOOTRiS the Child Care search service)