Band Profile: Black Dice

blackdice new 500

Being of the color black, producing or
reflecting comparatively little light and having no predominant hue.

Plural of die.

black dice:
Formed in 1997, Black Dice isn’t your everyday four piece, rather, a band whose boundaries don’t exist, a band that is a cross between erratic new wave and John Zorn on a mescaline -induced coma. Maybe that’s why a lot of Black Dice fans are heshers. Some of their tracks have beats, and some don’t, but somehow they keep the sound close, in a tight circle of warmth. Four members make Black Dice: Eric Copeland, Aaron Warren and Bjorn Copeland (with Sebastian Blanck and Hisham Bharoocha contributing on past albums as well).

While they’ve opened for bands all over the spectrum (Locust, Godspeed You! Black Emperor), they’ve definitely honed their sound over the past seven years, coming a long ways from fifteen minute noise trash of their early years and into a electronic, prehistoric industrial sound… on weed.

If you’d like to hear something different, something subtly noisy and a group that definitely puts an artistic touch to their music and album covers, check out Black Dice.