Review: Dead Low Ride

Dead Low Ride
(Tiger Style)

Remember Enemy Mine? It’s a rad sci-fi flick from 1985, where Dennis Quaid (a starfighter pilot) battles Draconians in space, and one of them (played very well by Louis Gosset Jr) crashlands on some bunkass mining planet with Quaid, where they fight at first and later become friends. Then somewhere along the line, Louis has an alien baby (they can impregnate themselves) and Quaid w/alien kid, ends up throwing the local miners (who happen to use Draconians as slaves) into chaos.

So according to the sticker on this album, Dead Low Tide has member(s) of the band Enemymine, hence the opening thoughts about the movie of the same name. But more importantly than Enemymine (who I have never heard of, by the way), is that my man Spencer Moody of Murder City Devils (R.I.P) fame fronts Dead Low Tide (along with MCD’s collaborators in crime, Nate Manny and Coady Willis). ┬áThis album is a straight up combination of Murder City Devils and Fugazi, and it’s fucking excellent. I don’t care what anyone else says. My only gripe is that they aren’t touring, but after two years straight of touring as MCD, I can’t say I blame them.