Sharks love metal says science

This is a great white shark. Terrifying.


This is Darkest Hour. Not so terrifying, but much better at playing metalcore. Which is metal, that’s listened to a lot of punk hardcore so it knows how to ‘break it down’, but still has a soft spot for emo.

Apparently, sharks love this shit. Because, it mimics the sound frequencies of a dying animal.

Yeah.. that’s about right.

Shark Week recently aired a piece in which one researcher utilizes and underwater speaker and some heavy metal to attract some decent sized sharks.

And remember… live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Check the clip with this Australian bloke who bonds with the man-eaters over their mutual appreciation for metal.

Not quite ‘Death Metal’ as the show references, but here is some Darkest Hour not filtered through sea water.

Keep an eye out for landsharks none the less.

And here is there track, “Love as a Weapon” (against Sharks…)

Beware the landshark…