PodRide bicyle/car hybrid


This is a happy guy in his PodRide.

His reason for happiness, besides living in Sweden, is he is also Mikael Kjellman, the inventor of the PodRide.

The PodRide is basically a recumbent bike with a canvas shell, but it does give the nifty effect of having your own little car.

Still in its fundraising phase, the PodRide has already more than doubled its original goal, so looks like it will be a fully realized product and brought to market in the near future.

Obviously, the Swedish version is going to be efficient, compact, and no more than the user needs. The American version will be sleeker, black, hard-shelled, have a gun rack, and possibly pollute the environment, but the concept could still hold up.

I am for anything that gives me a barrier between me and you when I go out in public, especially on a bicycle. It could have a little stereo in there… pimp my PodRide.

And as demonstrated in the product video, the all-weather nature should be an attractive feature, especially if this could be adapted for more all terrain use like a mountain bike. *also demonstrated is how when people from Sweden speak in English, they end every phrase with a high note? So it sounds like a question? Even when it isn’t? But I love the Swedes?

You could fit like fourteen clowns in there.

Little cars… something about little cars… inherently funny, no?

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