Watch Doug Benson smoke pot with…


Remember cable access?

Before the internet, if you wanted to get your video viewed by the ‘public’, but didn’t have the talent/budget/clue to get on real television, you could do the public access route.

For a nominal fee, literally anyone could get a time slot and show whatever they wanted, within legal constraints of course.

The internet has widened the access and lowered the bar.

ANY minimally motivated idiot can film something on his phone, and within seconds, is accessible to the world.

But occasionally, there is a highly motivated idiot, that creates something that hits that magic space that would have existed in the cable access universe.

Doug Benson is a highly motivated and funny idiot.

He created a show called, “Getting Doug with High”.

The premise is basic enough: Invite a celebrity, sit around smoking weed, and the humor writes itself. Sometimes. Since there isn’t much of a structure… it can wander… perhaps even be guilty of spacing off a bit as a show… go figure.

But there are some interesting angles watching the different methods of imbibing marijuana and listening to ‘weed stories’ of the various guests.

The interest level is probably proportionate to how much you are into the guest… as Benson has a hit or miss sense of humor. But if you wade into an episode for awhile, surprise, the higher they get, the funnier the show becomes.

Just like real life.

It is broadcast live, so it’s more like watching them hang out than any traditional sense of a talk show, although there are occasional repeated show staples, like asking guests their history with the drug and first time smoking.

This probably isn’t the best example of marijuana use to shine a light upon to further the legalization agenda… but it is real.

As real as cable access.

Some of the more notable guests:

Jack Black

Sarah Silverman and Todd Glass

Adam, Blake, and Anders from Workaholics

Trailer Park Boys

Kevin Smith and Brian Posehn

David Cross

And what would a show about getting high be without…

Cheech and Chong

We will leave with this… how they fit this much hipness in one picture is a mystery.