This is not happening…


We all have ‘the story’.

You know… the one about that one time, we were all so drunk, and all that crazy shit happened?

Mine involves Mole Lake Bluegrass Festival, an 1/8 of mushrooms, a half hit of LSD, an M-80, and a near-death experience that didn’t really happen.

Comedians are the best story tellers, who also tend to have train-wrecks for lives. But their misery and misfortune make for the best tales.

Comedy Central wisely hit upon this formula and has launched a series called, ‘This Is Not Happening’ hosted by Ari Shaffir.

Presented in a stand-up setting, the shorts feature various comedians recounting some of their most messed up moments.

*Note: Whoever does the opening sequences should get an award. Each episode features an original, themed intro done in an ambitious visual style.

Joe Rogan Meets a Crazy Stripper

Jim Bruer – Bombing in Sears

Ari Shaffir & Mat Edgar – Camping on Mushrooms

Henry Rollins – Punk Rock Hyenas (a lot of these seem to involve hallucinogens)

Duncan Trussell – Dying on Acid

There are many more of these on the Comedy Central YouTube channel. Good stuff.