Maximum Overdrive is now – first autonomous truck goes live


This is a Freightliner Inspiration Truck.

It is one of the first autonomous trucks.

That means it can drive itself without a human, although at this point, these still come with a human inside.

Like a toy prize.

Because we have all seen this movie…

However, just like the autonomous car we warned told you about… I for one, welcome this obvious step towards a total Skynet like dominance of machine over man.

At least I won’t be getting run over by one of you idiots, cherished readers of Modern Fix.

Many people drive well… until they don’t. Think of how bad the average driver really is.

Now realize, half the drivers are worse than that.

And when you are talking a bazillion tons (estimate) of man-made steel rolling down the highway controlled by some bad truck stop speed poppin’ good ol’ boy trying to make a deadline… or a more polite way of saying it would be…

The Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) did a study that also examined factors that cause truck drivers to make errors, such as use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, speeding, fatigue, inattention, distractions, work environment, and unfamiliarity with the road. The study found that of all truck accidents caused by driver error:

  • 44% involved truckers who were taking prescription and over-the-counter-drugs
  • 23% involved drivers traveling too fast for conditions, and
  • 18% were caused by driver fatigue.

Most if not all of those would have been avoided by an autonomous truck system.

An autonomous system never gets tired, never gets distracted,” said Wolfgang Bernhard, the board member overseeing truck operations at Freightliner’s parent, Daimler AG. “It is always on 100 percent.

There are obviously risks, but when compared to the risks of driving with humans….

Here is a video of one driving itself across the Hoover Dam:

OR it might look more like this:

That clip is from Stephen King’s most excellent movie, “Maximum Overdrive” with soundtrack by AC/DC.

Here is the full movie in case you have an hour and a half to kill….