Jaguar sets record for largest 360 loop


That sexy beast is a Jaguar.

Behind the wheel of a car like that, anything would be possible.

Even say… running it through a full 360 degree loop.

To celebrate the car manufacturer’s 80th birthday, they did just that, only they used the family sedan model to showcase how awesome even a low-end Jaguar can perform.

2016 jaguar f pace
I would totally take this off some sweep jumps.

Not only was it a great publicity stunt for the company, it also set a Guinness World Record for largest 360 degree loop driven in a car.

Not as impressive as the time I kept a seatbelt-less, drunk stripper from falling out of my car as she leaned out the door to vomit as we were going around a corner at 30 mph… but still, this Jaguar trick is cool as well.

Driving a Jaguar is not for anyone:

Today’s theme is ‘360 Loop’.