Great States Performing In Los Angeles June 2

Great States CRIsabelFuente_6

Albuquerque rockers Great States will be on tour in support of their debut album Gatsby and will be appearing at Lucky Strike in Los Angeles, CA on June 2, 2016.

Growing up and playing music in the desert of New Mexico, the band was relatively isolated from a lot of their favorite music when the group came together and started to develop their sound. Most members of Great States have never seen any of their favorite bands live, living in a smaller U.S. market that tends to get overlooked for tours. Instead of looking outside of their band, Great States relied on instinct, and the influence of their surroundings – endless sky, extensive desert landscapes, pristine mountains – when developing their live show and sound. Living in a place so stunningly beautiful and with such wide open spaces, has given their music a very atmospheric sound. The lanscape of New Mexico was the catalyst behind a number of the songs on their album, that were inspired by, and some even named after geopgraphic locations – with songs like “Truchas” and “Cordova, NM.”

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